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"It is within our grasp to be the first generation in history to leave nature in a better state than we found it"

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Hope and Purpose

It is my belief that it is within our grasp to be the first generation in history to leave nature in a better state than we found it. If we achieve this we'll witness wildlife rebounding and leave healthy functioning natural areas for future generations. People will reconnect with the natural world and regain their sense of purpose. Communities will come together and realise that when they take full custodianship of the planet, they can generate all of the food, resources and wealth they desire. 

To achieve this, we will need to work together, set audacious ambitions, apply significant investment and converge the latest in technology and science. There has never been a more compelling time in history to turn this hopeful ambition into a reality. If you have what it takes to be part of the solution, I would love to hear from you. 

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Core Focus

With over 20 years experience, I now focus on rewilding, conservation, innovation in technology and growing businesses that have a clear purpose of helping nature recover for the betterment of humanity.

2013 - present


Rewilding offers one of the most compelling nature-based solutions that will benefit people and nature. I am co-author of the acclaimed book Rewilding, including an illustrated version released in November 2021. Currently writing a second novel titled The Ecology of Fear for publication in 2022. Regularly giving talks on rewilding and contributor to a number of rewilding projects in the UK, including Castle Leslie (Ireland), Bunloit (Scotland) and Broughton Hall (England).

1989 - present


Conservation is in my blood. From bird watching trips with my father when I was a child, through to decades protecting some of the worlds most endangered species, as well as contributing to reintroduction programmes. I have worked at Jersey Zoological Park (fortunate to have briefly met Gerald Durrell), Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (Australia), National Bird of Prey Centre (England) and have volunteered for bat groups and wildlife trusts. Since 2013 I have focussed my attention on rewilding and the restoration of ecological processes.

2005 - present


I have been instrumental in the development of a range of innovations including wildlife fencing, wildflower turves for green roofs, pollution control devices, biochar products, web apps that calculate biodiversity quality and habitat value. I established the Ecosulis Innovation hub in 2018 who are now working on rewilding tokens and credits, accelerated rewilding techniques, NoFence herds, spatial nature mapping and various indices. To achieve this we call into play UAVs, eDNA, remote sensing, blockchain, platform development and machine learning.

2002 - present


Starting as an ecologist for a family run business, I moved into the roles of Principal Ecologist, Technical Director and then Managing Director, setting up an employee owned business. I am now the majority share holder in Ecosulis Ltd, a multi-million turnover rewilding business, and hold the title of CEO. Ecosulis has the ambition of accelerating global rewilding and I spend every opportunity I can to turn this into a reality. This includes developing partnerships, securing funding, overseeing projects and initiatives that restore habitats and ecosystems, setting the vision for rewilding projects, as well as developing Environmental Social Governance strategies.

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Key Skills



Vision and strategy
Accelerated rewilding
Talks and media
Books and articles

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Nature recovery
Ecological integrity 
Biodiversity quality 
Land management


Making rewilding investible
Ecological monitoring
Blockchain in conservation
Advanced techniques in ecosystem restoration

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Scaling solutions
Securing funding

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Publication of The Fear Paradox

Autumn 2022

Target date for the publication of my next book, The Fear Paradox. In this book I'll explore the evolution of fear, looking at the way this primitive emotional and biological response to threat impacts on animals and humans. I’ll also look at the impact of fear on populations and species, and consider the way fear alters the behaviour of individuals and communities in a way that can have a net-positive impact on ecosystems. I'll explain how to make use of our fear in response to climate change, reappraising it as an imperative to reconnect us with the natural world.

Interested in booking in a talk or event?  Simply fill in the contact details below.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

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